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 Provence is known for sunny days, picturesque markets, excellent wines, truffles and old castles. 

Every day of the week there is a different market to visit !
Provençal Markets
Provence is known for sunny days, picturesque markets, wines and old castles. 
Monday: Tulette, Bédouin
Tuesday: Vaison La Romaine, Grignan, St Paul 3 Châteaux
Wednesday: Malaucène, Buis les Baronnies
Thursday Nyons
Friday: Carpentras, Dieulefit
Saturday: Ste Cécile les Vignes, 
  Pont St Esprit, Uzès
Sunday: Nyons 
Several antique & flea markets​
Truffelmarkets in winter:
Friday: Carpentras
Saterday: Richerenches
Sunday: St Paul Trois Châteaux

Cuvée La Plantade AOC Côtes du Rhône villages ~ Wine tasting

The vineyards under the Provençal sun offer an abundance of grapes with deep flavours and aromas that make excellent wines. You can do wine tasting along tourist routes in many wine growing areas, wineries, restaurants and even museums.  Since 2009 we are making our own "Cuvée La Plantade" and we are very proud of it! We can organize wine tastings for you at AOC Côtes du Rhone village Visan,  Vaqueras, Gigondas, Baumes de Venise,
Châteauneuf-du-Pape, and many other places.

Olijve Oil La Plantade extra virgin AOC Nyons variety tanche 


In Provence, olive oil has various terroirs classified as AOC,
a guarantee of quality. We have here in the Nyons region the variety "Tanche", the strongest olive variety, which is the first of all olive varieties selected since 1994 to guarantee
a proven origin in France (appellation d'origine contrôlée). We are proud to have our own production of this delicious organic olive oil, extra virgin first cold pressing with a delicious soft fruit taste and the aroma to green apples and artichoke.



You have to come to the Provence to discover and enjoy the lavender fields. In our beautiful region you can see the lavender fields in bloom from mid-June to the end of August.

We all know lavender mainly as a fragrance in perfume, bath oil and scented candles, but lavender is also seen as medicinal herb. Lavender & lavender oil have soothing, disinfecting and healing effect. You can buy excellent lavender products at all markets in Provence.
Welcome to the world of black Truffles

During the winter months we organize various gourmet weekends with truffles at
La Plantade. Together with our truffle hunter Laurent Michel  & his  faithful dog Loulou we offer our guests a complete package of truffles hunting and cooking workshops with the black winter truffle.
(Click here for truffles arrangement).
Tours with Classic Cars and Motocycles
You can enjoy beautiful roads along rolling vineyards, evergreen oaks, fig trees, and lavender fields. Provence is a real paradise for bicyclists, motorcyclists and fans of collection classic cars. We organize guided tours upon request, and also suggest wonderful itineraries based on the season
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